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Infrared heating system safe and eco-friendly

A private customer has requested the supply of an infrared radiator in glass Thermoglance as found full satisfaction in all its needs: heat safely and ecological own home with a heating system of easy management and cleaning.

The customer wanted to have a system of heating of the internal environment that was safe , eco-friendly and easy to manage . Glass , electric power, high-performance are all elements that distinguish the electric radiators in transparent glass Thermoglance as environmentally friendly products aimed at saving energy.

These radiators comply with all European standards as well as having the TUV certificate attesting to the veracity and quality . The heated towel rails Thermoglance has a surface hot enough to heat the room without causing any damage when touched with your hands when it is working ( instead it happens with standard for electric heaters ) .

Its surface reaches a temperature of about 75 ° C and, unlike normal radiators energy transmission is 70 % for irradiation and only 30 % by convection. With this relatively low temperature is obtained by the maximum heating comfort characterized by a delicate feeling of warmth and without any noise or smell , also the efficiency is close to 100 % , since the heat is formed at the same point in which it is used .

With the simple installation of the infrared electric radiator in transparent glass Thermoglance , the private customer of Milan was able to heat the room of his home with maximum security.

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Glass Radiator 400 x 1500

Thermoglance - 510 watt