Thermoglance Radiator

Decorative Radiator

Asola Vetro offers decorative heaters made by heat-treated glass that can heat the room silently and without smell, thanks to infrared.
The Thermoglance decorative radiant panels can also be used as items of furniture to put where you want, suitable both for personal use at his own house, and professional in companies, studios, boutiques, hotels, ect . Thanks to their small size may their also become comfortable towel radiators for bathroom.

Decorative radiators

Glass for heating and furnishing

The real breakthroughs in technology are those where the benefits are there for all to see and the technology is not.
Thermoglance is one of these.
The most representative and best-equipped spaces can be heated by elegant glass radiators, whose transparency and physical appearance will improve the aesthetics of the room.

Glass and design

Thanks to the transparency and consistency, Thermoglance glass radiators matches very well with both modern and classical situations and where precious surfaces need to be highlighted.