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A heating system safe, easy to use and suitable for occasional uses

The need satisfied by Thermoglance was to heat up so occasionally a villa located on an island that the client uses as a holiday home for short periods. Was required a electric heating system of easy management and ready to use.
A private client has requested the supply of radiators in glass Thermoglance order to heat their villa to the sea so occasionally, and then with a heating system easy to use and secure at all times without the need for periodic management .
The primary requirement of the client was especially to have a heating system which was safe, and not subject to the risk of blocking or failure .

The customer need was to heat the rooms of his villa by the sea only for short periods, being able to enjoy a mild climate for most of the year due to the proximity of the sea and the climate in the island of Cyprus.

The villa was devoid of any type of heating and, to avoid heavy masonry and structural interventions, the initial search of the client was mainly addressed to a heating system that did not require structural and easy to manage.
The cold days on the island of Cyprus, where the villa resort, are limited in a year for which the limited need to heat some rooms of the villa without heavy-handed intervention of a structural nature has found a right solution with radiators glass Thermoglance.

The glass radiators were placed in some rooms of the villa like the living room, where the spaces are wide and furnished in a modern and minimalist, in the study and reading room.
In the living room were two radiators mounted on the wall, placed on opposite walls in order to cover the whole area and to ensure a smooth warmth and suitable to the size of the room.

Transparency and the clean lines of the radiators has allowed their placement inside a wall already set up with a library and a blank wall adjacent to the TV and sofa, so much exposed to view.
In the study the radiator was placed in the wall below the window, contributing to f the room furnishings characterized by the presence of few elements, but all extremely linear and cleaned in the forms.
The glass-crystal radiators therefore, not only have integrated perfectly fitting in but have contributed to the elegance and originality of the rooms.

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