Case history >  installation of a radiator in a private house in Stuttgart (germany)

Installation of a radiator in a private house in Stuttgart (Germany)

A private customer has mounted an electric radiator in their own private home in Stuttgart, Germany, as needed to compensate for the lack of heating in the bathroom, trying to take advantage of the little space available.

Heating private rooms The electric radiator in transparent glass installed here is a product of design to the house, a heated towel rail that allows you to electrically heat the bathroom and at the same time be a real piece of furniture.
The electric radiator Thermoglance combines technology and aesthetic beauty, comfort and interior, with a focus on functionality, efficiency and energy savings.

The electric radiator mounted by the customer is a customized product that blends function and form, and is capable of heating the room without any noise and without odors, thanks to the presence of the infrared rays.
Thanks to the installation of the electric radiator Thermoglance, the customer could heat efficiently and effectively by exploiting the small bathroom space.

Customer satisfaction is apparent from his own words: "The delivery of electric radiator came to us in Stuttgart and installed easily in person the small electrical heating system. Your invention is fantastic, as well as your service. We are very happy with our choice".

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