Designer Radiators: Target

Thermoglance designer radiators are solutions that lend themselves effectively for the heating of premises in commercial environments such as shopshotelsrestaurants etc. where there is the need to heat protecting the aesthetic environment. The surface of the glass and transparent radiator allows installation in harmony with all furnishings, thanks to the great versatility of this material.

Thermoglance is also the ideal solution when it need to incorporate a heating system already in place, to increase the heat produced, or to compensate for the lack of elements in some places, such as the dressing room of a store, the toilet of an exercise commercial, the waiting rooms of a hotel, the rooms of a restaurant and other similar situations.

In the rooms of private homes as well as offices and public places Thermoglance can find the right place, and efficient use. The easy mounting of the radiator to the wall or floor allows for flexible placement in any room, even in small spaces where you need heating systems with low space requirements.
In addition, the radiator Thermoglance is particularly suitable in homes and offices where there are people who suffer from allergies to dust, dust mites, and have respiratory problems. The production of heat by radiation to create a healthier environment favorable than that created by conventional heating systems.

In any room, the placement of radiators Thermoglance has the great benefit of not requiring masonry work and installation work with cuts in walls and floors, being a heating system that integrates with the electrical system.

These assumptions are essential especially within historic buildings protected by cultural heritage in which there is a need for heating rooms open to the public.
In these historic buildings over the impediment to implement heating which can damage the structures there is a need to insert heaters with a low visual and aesthetic impact. The Thermoglance radiators are the ideal solution that combines functionality with aesthetics in a single product capable of providing heating and design.