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The radiators in transparent glass to decorate and heat your home

Thermoglance glass radiators represents a new way to heat rooms, a truly modern and minimalist ideal for those who are looking for the ultimate in elegance and sophistication combined with the functionality of a heated towel rail.

The heaters Thermoglance is a radiant panel in transparent glass that works for irradiation, is made from two sheets of 6 mm glass thermally treated and laminated and is presented as a single element very compact and indestructible, without internal fluids and equipped with a cable long 2 meters and schuko plug that feeds continuously with normal electric current.
As the sun, the electric radiator Thermoglance works through infrared rays which heat objects and surfaces without interacting with the atmosphere, the surface of the radiant panel reaches a temperature of about 75 ° C and, in opposite to the normal radiators, the energy transmission is 70% by irradiation and only 30% by convection, allowing for even heat distribution and ensuring maximum comfort for the whole body, because it prevents the unpleasant feeling of a hot head and cold feet.

The radiant heating system provides warmth quickly leaving healthy air, without dust, and with its natural moisture: in this way is also suitable for people who suffer from allergies or are prone to sore throats. The electric radiator Thermoglance has passed all tests and been certified by the most important organizations that confirm the overall safety of the product and the complete regulatory compliance.

In addition, the electric radiator Thermoglance can also be used as a real piece of furniture because thanks to its design, it can fit perfectly into any environment already furnished and enhance the aesthetics both in private and professional environments such as companies, studios, shops , boutiques, hotels, restaurants, etc.. Its small size can transform the electric radiant panel in a convenient towel radiator in the bathroom.
Thermoglance is a "Plug & Play", can be easily fixed to the wall and, once installed, can be connected to a standard electrical outlet and works immediately. The radiator can be positioned either vertically or horizontally depending on the space available.
Each radiator has a multi-language instruction manual with clear explanations for the use and installation and does not require any maintenance or periodic monitoring.

Warranty: 24 months.
Model: 5661221000
Description: 600 x 1200  trasparent
Paking cm: 125 x 17 x 65
Kg: 31

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Towel rail TOWEL RAIL
The towel rail is an accessory that completes the heating element of the electric radiator and gives you the ability to customize and make unique the bathroom. The new series of towel bars is characterized by a simple and fast installation thanks to supports universal applicable on electric radiators in transparent glass Thermoglance.

The supports for wall mounting of the radiator are stable and safe to install the radiator either vertically or horizontally on the walls of the rooms to be heated. The radiator support brackets are made of polished chrome and match well with the panel in transparent glass, adapting to any environment both classic and modern.

Accessory that allows the placement on the floor of the electric radiator supported by a system of safe and stable fixation. The supports for floor mounting of the radiator Thermoglance are brushed stainless steel like and consist of three parts easy to install and allowing the insertion of the glass panel securely with a locking system that prevents their escape. The electric heater can be placed elegantly in any room with marble floors, wood, stoneware.


  • Radio Chronothermostat TX + RX white

THERMOSTAT This type of digital thermostat allows you to store a wide time programming ,hour , daily or weekly temperatures, with different functions for the day and night. To make it easy and intuitive handling of the heat, the thermostat Radio TX + RX White has a display showing the time constantly, the ambient temperature at the time and temperature settings. Based on the needs that can change from hour to hour and from day to day, you can program different temperatures for dividing cycles or periods.

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Glass Radiator 600 x 1200
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