Thermoglace Radiator

Infrared heating panels

for your well-being and comfort!

Like the sun Thermoglance infrared glass radiator runs through the infrared rays that heat mostly objects and surfaces without interfering with the atmosphere.

This allows homogeneous distribution of heat, therefore absolute wellness for the human body avoiding the unpleasant sensation of a hot head and cold feet.
The irradiation system gives heat leaving the air healthy, without dust and with its natural humidity, so that people who have allergies or are prone to sore throats can breathe freely.

Infrared heating panels
Ecological heating system

Ecological heating system:

Glass, electric power, high performance, are elements that distinguish Thermoglance radiator as a product aimed at energy saving and environmentally friendly.

Cleaning and hygiene:

Flat surfaces are the easiest to clean. For this reason the Thermoglance radiator has been designed without relief elements or nooks that would make difficult to clean it. The purpose is to have a product that ensures maximum hygiene levels in the place where you live. Flat surfaces are the easiest to clean. Added to this, convection currents are reduced to a minimum which means that dust and therefore allergies are almost eliminated.

Easy management:

There is no need for maintenance, the Thermoglance radiator is easy to use and requires no commitment after its installation. Just switch on Thermoglance radiator at any time to warm up as you like, no maintenance, no complication.


Placed on the ground or wall mounted with elegant hardware Thermoglance glass radiator fits all the needs with a small size, making it a handy heated towel rail in the bathroom.

Silent and reliable:

Thermoglance electric radiator doesn't create noise. The nature of a heat generator at the solid state, without liquids or moving parts, practically eliminates noise and reduces the number of breakdowns to almost zero.