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Heat the bath with style and elegance

Heat the bath maintaining the aesthetics of the environment without altering the style is possible with the radiators crystal glass: style and elegance in a heated towel rail. "To maintain the style and elegance of a bathroom covered with stone slabs and mosaic decoration was the premise of the customer that has chosen Thermoglance to heat the bathroom of his home with a design heated towel rail.
The requirement was to have a system of heating that was not noted as a foreign element and pejorative of existing environment and that would make visible the material characteristics of the covering . A heated towel rails of glass, flat and perfectly transparent to be placed easily on one of the bathroom walls has been the ideal solution for the specific case.
Being made of transparent glass, radiators Thermoglance can be considered real and furnishing accessories, all of which help to give greater prominence and greater value to each home environment, but also to shops, restaurants, offices or professional offices.
With the installation of the electric radiator in transparent glass, the customer was able to heat the bath into the original style and without the risk not finding the right combination of colors.

To avoid the sight of unsightly cables, plugs and sockets, and then obtain an optimal aesthetic result, the installation was performed on the wall: thanks to the versatility Thermoglance the radiator could be placed on a bathroom wall without altering the beauty coatings and the width of the spaces.
The application of a bar in polished steel made electric radiator Themoglance also a comfortable and practical towel for the bathroom. "

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