1. Duration and start of WARRANTY

The WARRANTY is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase from the RESELLER by the final consumer (BUYER). Should intervention be required during the period of warranty the date of purchase must be confirmed by a valid document.
Within 15 days of the date of purchase, fill in both parts A and B as required, and send part B to the MANUFACTURER.

2. Contents and extension of the WARRANTY

During the period of WARRANTY defects of manufacture recognized by the MANUFCTURER will be repaired and/or faulty parts substituted. In such case only the costs of the parts and of the spare parts are at the expense of the MANUFACTURER; transport costs and risks, costs of manpower for removal and reinstallation of the APPLIANCE are all at the expense of the BUYER .Any possible request of compensation for damages by BUYER is recognized exclusively where it can be demonstrated that the responsibility lies with the MANUFACTURER. Possible damage caused by things, animals and/or persons, resulting from improper use of the APPLIANCE, are expressly excluded from the WARRANTY. Should the producer make modifications and/or improvements to faulty APPLIANCES under WARRANTY he is not obliged to intervene on regularly operating equipment purchased beforehand, in the period of warranty, unless it is demonstrated that correct use of these can seriously compromise the health of the person using them and/or the safety of the property in which it is installed.

3. Conditions for the validity of WARRANTY

The WARRANTY is valid on condition that:

  1. Possible malfunction to the APPLIANCE is immediately communicated by the BUYER to the MANUFACTURER in writing, within and not exceeding 5 (five) days from their occurrence;
  2. The plate with the data on the APPLIANCE must be integral and legible;
  3. The warranty seals and the serial number have not been removed or altered;
  4. The necessary electrical characteristics of the external plant have been checked beforehand and that the necessary steps and appropriate precautions have been adopted, both for installation and use of the APPLIANCE, in accordance to the accident prevention laws;
  5. part B of this certificate, properly filled in, has been sent immediately (see previous point 1.) to the MANUFACTURER at the moment of purchase of the APPLIANCE.

4. Limits

The WARRANTY is valid only in those countries in which the equipment is approved. The WARRANTY is valid only for the original BUYER and is not transferable. Damages caused by external factors, not directly attributable to the APPLIANCE, are not covered by the warranty, for example:

  • accidental causes, natural disasters, excess of voltage of the electrical network;
  • accidents (falls, strikes, knocks, etc. ..) undergone during transport or delivery of the APPLIANCE;
  • tampering, modifications or attempts to repair the APPLIANCE that are not authorized by the MANUFACTURER.
  • carelessness and negligence of the BUYER;
  • any type of improper use of the APPLIANCE.
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