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How is it made and how does it work?

Thermoglance is an electric radiator made of transparent glass which works by irradiation.

It consists of two glass sheets that are stratified and thermally treated. A special Laser technology provides the transparent resistance which heats up with the electricity supply.
The appliance is a single very compact and indestructible unit, without internal fluids. It comes with a 2 metre cable and schuko plug which supplies continuously using the standard electricity supply.
A luminous light indicates that it is in operation and it needs only 10/15 minutes to heat up.
Unlike the common electric heaters with very hot resistances, Thermoglance works with relatively low temperatures, heat is therefore extremely delicate and pleasant, noise and odour free.

How much space can electric radiator thermoglance heat up?

Energy requirements to heat up the home ( average height 3 metres) varies from 100 to150 watt/m2…

…and this number depends mainly on the insulation of the building and on the local climate, Example: A room 3 x 3 metres = 9 m2 x 100 watt = 900 watt of energy requirement. In this case Thermoglance 600 x 1500 of 900 watt is enough.

This is only an approximation, for more precise data we recommend contacting a thermo consultant technician.

How much space can thermoglance heat up?

Example of the average cost of electricity in Italy.

Example: Average cost of electricity in Italy €/ kwh 0,20 x 900 watt /1000 = 0,18 Euro / hour, Thermoglance 600 x 1500 with 900 watt costs 0,18 Euro for every hour of operation.

Can it be installed in the bathroom near the shower?

Thermoglance is extremely useful in bathrooms…

…simply adhere to the rules that establish the minimum distance from the source of water to the shower or bath.

Can clothes or towels be placed directly on electric radiators?

Thermoglance has practical handles to hold towels or various clothing.

Cloth or towels must not be placed directly on electric radiators as it can cause overheating which can lead to damage or breakage of the radiator itself.
Each radiator has the sign WARNING: DO NOT COVER.

What is the maximum temperature it reaches ?

During operation Thermoglance reaches approximately 75° C.

Though if this temperature can seem high the glass being an insulator does not release heat immediately, therefore the radiator can be touched without danger. It is the glass which makes the difference.

The heating radiator emits electromagnetic waves?

The electric circuit of electric radiator in transparent glass Thermoglance emits electromagnetic waves…

…which can be compared to those of any household appliance.

What happens if glass breaks?

If glass breaks , it remains completely fixed.

Due to two stratified sheet ,if glass breaks , it remains completely fixed without crumbs and without electric shock hazard.

It 's a safe product?

Thermoglance has passed all the tests and obtained certificates…

…from the most important organizations that confirm the overall safety of the product and full compliance with safety standards.

How long does it last?

Thermoglance does not have moving parts which can wear and no maintenance is needed.

Thermoglance does not have moving parts which can wear and no maintenance is needed. The low operational temperature makes unlimited duration possible.

Is it easy to install?

Thermoglance is a “plug & play “ appliance, it can be easily fixed to the wall or to the floor…

…once installed it can be connected to a standard socket and it works immediately.
Each radiator comes with a multilingual manual with clear explanations for use and assembly.

Why is thermoglance economically advantageous?

In the mid seasons and when necessary, the bathroom can be heated in a few minutes without having to switch on the main system.

  • In the mid seasons and when necessary, the bathroom can be heated in a few minutes without having to switch on the main system, or create “an island of heat” in the home.
  • Irradiation heating compared to a traditional system saves energy, since even room temperature lower than 3° C gives the same sensation of heat .
  • Each centigrade corresponds to approximately 5% of consumption, therefore allows a saving of 15%.
  • Thermoglance has a nearly 99 % return therefore it consumes only what is necessary to obtain the desired temperature. The traditional system using combustion does not exceed 80%.
  • Thermoglance does not need maintenance or periodical checks.
  • Energy coming from renewable sources can be exploited such as photovoltaic panels.
  • The cost of an electric system is approximately ¼ compared to the equivalent plumbing system.
  • Altogether it is clear that it is a real advantage.
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