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Asola Vetro is a company based in Mantova province, which is active in the basic processing of flat glass for buildings, and specializes in the sale and distribution of designer radiators, infrared radiators, decorative radiators, towel rails and accessories.
Heating systems proposed by Asola Vetro offer an exciting experience in the way it is heated. Are alternative heating systems that are characterized by their elegant design, suitable for any place. Thermoglance offers electric heating through a glass which heats the room.

Glass radiator company Asola Vetro S.r.l. deals with the supply of electric radiators made ??of transparent glass and related accessories
Decorative radiators Asola Vetro offers electric heaters made by heat-treated glass that can heat the room silently and without smell, thanks to infrared.
Welness radiator Like the sun Thermoglance glass radiator runs through the infrared rays that heat mostly objects and surfaces without interfering with the atmosphere.
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