Case history >  The heated towel rail in the kitchen: a design choice

The heated towel rail in the kitchen: a design choice

Electric transparent radiators details Perfectly integrated into the kitchen, radiator heating Thermoglance found the right place even in a very small space. A private customer from Como mounted electric radiator Thermoglance in transparent glass on the wall of his kitchen.

His need was to heat the room by placing the electric radiator in the only available point of the kitchen, which had the disadvantage of being in a transit area and small size. The choice of the customer fell on the solution offered by Thermoglance, or an electric radiator in transparent glass that would allow it to be placed in any home space, with a small footprint. The compactness in fact is one of the key features of these electric radiators, which can be easily installed on the wall as well on the floor and do not represent any kind of obstacle.

The customer has decided to rely on the radiator Thermoglance also because it is an easy to use solution in spring and autumn without having to turn on the central heating. Finally, this type of electric radiator transparent needs no special maintenance works, continuing to work perfectly forever.

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Glass Radiator 600 x 1200

Thermoglance - 700 watt