Thermoglance 400 x 1000 on the wall


Glass Radiator 330 WATT


20 Kg

Paking cm

155 x 17 x 45



Thermoglance is an infrared electric radiator, which heats living and work environments in a healthy and effective way.

Thanks to the transparency and elegance of the glass, this designer heater coordinates perfectly with all the stylistic solutions of the interior design.
The 400 x 1000 radiator, being compact and narrow, allows including it in rooms with little space available; it is often installed in pairs to keep an aesthetic balance and more uniform heating.
Thermoglance, equipped with towel rails, becomes a very handy designer towel warmer for the bathroom, it keeps towels warm, heats the room, and fights mould and condensation.

The wall mounting with the shiny chrome finish is stable and robust for installing a designer heater both vertically and horizontally.

The Towel Rail is a handy and stylish accessory, which completes the heating body, making it very useful for the bathroom.


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  • Bathroom area of any design and size
  • Sleeping area, it is silent and odourless
  • Open space environments, creating islands of heat
  • Homes where you need to supplement the heating system
  • Second homes, it is fast and reliable
  • Properties with architectural constraints
  • It produces heat like that of the sun, natural and beneficial for the human body
  • It blends into the room perfectly without altering its harmony
  • It highlights the valuable material coatings
  • It is compact and does not clutter
  • Reasonable price

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