Irradiation heating

Thermoglance is an electric infrared heating panel made of transparent glass which works by irradiation.
The radiator consists of two glass sheets that are stratified and thermally treated. A special Laser technology provides the transparent resistance which heats up with the electricity supply.

The appliance is a single very compact and indestructible unit, without internal fluids. It comes with a 2 metre cable and schuko plug which supplies continuously using the standard electricity supply.
A luminous light indicates that the electric radiator is in operation and it needs only 10/15 minutes to heat up.

Infrared heating panels

Unlike the common electric heaters with very hot resistances, Thermoglance radiator works with relatively low temperatures, heat is therefore extremely delicate and pleasant, noise and odour free.

Like the sun, irradiation heating is multi directional and functions using infra-red rays which predominantly heat objects and opaque surfaces without interfering with the atmosphere.
This permits homogeneous distribution of heat, therefore absolute comfort for the human body avoiding the unpleasant sensation of a hot head and cold feet.

The irradiation system gives heat leaving the air healthy, without dust and with its natural humidity, so that people who have allergies or are prone to sore throats can breathe easily.